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In the early 90's Herberts trialled a quality sorting system designed for citrus and potatoes. This was a machine transported the product in lanes and lacked capacity relative to the size of the machine particularly for smaller tubers. At this time UK packers had large numbers of pack lines and this did not suit the implementation of a single centralised grading facility. Following a period of market research in Europe which identified a requirement to reduce labour in the fresh packing industry, Herbert decided to make the long term commitment to developing a range of electronic grading / sorting equipment appropriate to their customers needs. Recognising the potential savings and improvements electronic grading could make to Herbert's customers the Research and development team set about designing an electronic grader to offer high number of grades with good output and a modular construction to fit into existing lines and replace manual inspection in many cases. 18 months later it led to the launch of the Upgrader, which served the industry for over 10 years. During this time 30 machines were installed in UK and Europe.

Developments in software have continually ensured the technology for customers has remained up to date. Stainless steel construction of many machines has been rewarded in that the 3 oldest machines are still in regular use. Late in 2004, Herbert's took the radical leap to launch a totally new machine based on feedback from customers, the new Auto-sort was designed and produced to be more maintenance friendly and easier to operate. Utilising the vast knowledge gained during the Upgrader's tenure, the development team at Herbert's was able to produce a machine that offers flexible grading and sizing to add value to the product being sorted. There are various models to handle small, medium and large potatoes with the latest additions specially configured for carrots. The capacity of the largest models has tripled the machine output compared to the earliest machines. The Auto-sort has been extremely well received in the industry due to improved performance, simpler mechanical and greater capacity. In fact please read our testimonial from Muyshondt to discover more.

Please take a moment to visit the pages of this website which clearly explains the advantages and benefits of the Herbert Auto-sort electronic grading system and speak to our Auto-sort specialist Glen Burt who will be delighted to assist.

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