Electronic Grading / Optical Sorting

- Can I specify the machine requirements?

Following the development of the range in the past 5 years, the machine has been designed to give the customer total flexibility and choice to provide a machine tailored to customer requirements.

When configuring the machine specification with the customer according to what the customer would like to achieve, Herberts offer valuable advice to produce a machine with maximum efficiency and minimum payback.

Vibratory Infeed Unit

A Stainless Steel vibrating pan gives the most efficient method of presenting the crop to the Auto-sort. The unit spreads the crop across the full width of the optical grader infeed meaning the product rotates continuously and gets seen more efficiently by the digital cameras. It also keeps the infeed transfer to a minimum preventing damage.


Third Grade

With the introduction of a second finger bank and cross conveyor there is the option to take out a third grade. This gives ultimate flexibility to select Premium product, second grade and total waste delivery to any conveyor. Maintenance access is retained with both finger banks mounted on roller slides.


Auto Chain Tensioner

Maintenance is again a key feature with this option. The chain which drives the rollers is kept at the correct tension with a robust pneumatic ram that pulses and holds position regularly to ensure maximum life from the chain. This eliminates the time required used in manually tensioning the chain and ultimately saves money.


Inline Outfeed Conveyor

A driven outfeed conveyor belt ensures positive control and delivery of the product as it exits the Auto-sort. The conveyor is designed with soft drop rollers so the product is treated to a more gentle transfer. The conveyor is mounted on an adjustable framework to fine tune the machine and for easier maintenance. The product can be ploughed on the conveyor to suit the infeed width of the following inspection area or other system.


RollerBrush Cleaner

This motor driven unit bolts on to the underside of the Auto-sort and is used in conjunction with a water spray to keep the rollers clean. The brush rotation is pulsed for a predetermined time to ensure longevity of the bristles rather than continuous operation. Clean rollers are essential so that the cameras only see defects on the tubers and not the rollers.

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