Herbert Take off into the Airport and Logistics Industry


Herbert Systems is now an established company in the Airport sector, designing and manufacturing innovative products and systems for the airport industry. With a highly proven product range and reliable technical support, we are able to offer a fresh approach to the baggage handling. With installations in major UK airports, Morocco, France and Japan to name but a few we are fast becoming the new baggage handling problem solver to the airport world.

Herbert Systems is the sister company to Herbert Engineering whom have over 35 years experience in providing handling solutions to the food, recycling and logistic industries. The transfer of technology from these industries has enabled the team at Herbert Systems to develop new and exciting systems for the fast changing baggage handling industry.

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We have an experienced design team, capable of meeting your handling system challenge, whether it is improving an existing system or designing an entirely new concept. We are able to design radical new solutions to common problems, by listening to our customers and developing new products if necessary, rather than simply adapting existing machines, which may not be suitable.

Herbert Systems team can carry out a full review of your processes and establish the applications available to suit your needs. They will take into account the feasibility of a project and work out how it will lead to increased output, improved quality and lower costs.

Why Choose Herbert for your Baggage Handling & Logistic Needs?

  • Lower lifetime cost with Herbert equipment
  • Robust build quality guaranteed for durable reliable systems
  • Complete design & manufacture solutions
  • New solutions to age-old industry problems

A Comprehensive Product Range

  • Pathfinda, efficient baggage orientation device Operating at speeds in excess of 450 bags per hour
  • Pathfinda Turbo, enhanced version of the existing Pathfinda with operating speeds in excess of 800 bags per hour, and up to 1000 bags per hour with pre-alignment, these needs have been comfortably met.
  • Endura, long life baggage and parcel conveyor, designed to minimise belt wear and tear and alignment issues normally associated with standard conveyors.
  • Endura 2, this range of long life baggage and parcel conveyors has been specifically designed to allow conveyor installation into tight spaces, either up against walls or other conveyors.
  • Automatic Tray Return System, has been specifically designed by Herbert Systems in conjunction with a major airport operator, to help improve security check processes within the airport industry.
  • Corna, provides an alternative solution to traditional powered curves, by providing smooth product transfer through 90°, whilst offering simple low maintenance.
  • Power Corna is an enhanced version of the already proven Corna. It provides smooth product transfer, which is ideal for manual intervention points and makes for safer handling of suitcases.
  • Diverta, designed using unique belt technology to provide flexible product alignment on either side of a conveyor. 
  • Ejecta provides a simple sorting system to eject parcels and baggage from one side of the conveyor at multiple ejection points. 
  • Sola, is a singulation and descrambling conveyor and is used extensively in parcel and distribution centres.

Dedicated Team of Specialists

We have an extensive personnel team to handle your Airport & Logistic requirements. Each member is highly experienced and has worked extensively with airports, distribution centres and parcel depots to provide maximum efficiency and performance from our systems in customer’s facilities both in the UK and overseas.

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