Serving the Agricultural Industry since 1972


At the root of our handling systems are the Herbert graders, which have been serving farmers since 1972.  The business was founded on agriculture and it remains a core part of the business today. The philosophy of ‘built stronger to last longer’ remains at the forefront of all Herbert machinery and means that Herbert continues to offer the agricultural industry the highest quality and most reliable machinery. The current range for growers include cost effective graders, a selection of cleaning systems, washing and drying systems and conveying and tipping equipment.

A wealth of experience and continuous product development ensure we can provide customers with a huge range of products and solutions to meet today’s farming needs.

Driving capacities higher, giving superior results and improved machine efficiency remain the key drivers whilst strength and reliability come as standard. Herbert machinery is backed up by a high level of service and spare parts.


We are a full solution provider working closely with customers through the design stage, providing customised build and high quality machinery to suit the field, farm building, outdoor space required. Installation by our Customer Service team work within growers seasonal demands and then full after sales support is offered through a range of services, breakdown assistance, parts supply and maintenance plans. Full training, operations and parts manuals are also supplied.

Why Choose Herbert for your Farming Needs?

  • Lower lifetime cost with Herbert equipment
  • Robust build quality guaranteed for durable reliable systems
  • Customised design & manufacture solutions
  • Outstanding after sales support

A Comprehensive Product Range

  • Flexible range of static and mobile grading systems in 1800 and 2400 wide that can achieve outputs of 50tph
  • Adaptable Cleaning Modules to suit a various crop types and different handling conditions.
  • Mobile Washing systems that offer throughput in excess of 30 tph filling a lorry container in 45 mins
  • Vegetable polishing to give bright quality finish removing rhizoctonia
  • Range of stand alone and integral destoners for effective removal of clods and stones  in pre-wash applications
  • Dust suppression systems designed in response to increasing Health and Safety legislation
  • Open Cell sponge donut ring or felt covered roller tables driers effectively remove excess water from crop prior to packing
  • Store loading conveyors
  • Hywall and extendo elevators
  • Multiple tippers including single manual through to super high angle and twint tippers
  • Big bag tipping in both manual and automatic models with 5–30 tph
  • Space saving high speed box filling machinery with no need for lifting and is therefore safer system to operate
  • Full mobile washer plant cleaning over 30 tph
  • The Auto-sort - High quality electronic sorting systems
  • Field based equipment for loading, cleaning, sorting soil, clods, leaves etc, trailer mounted harvesters and production rigs

Dedicated Team of Specialists

We have an extensive personnel team to handle your Farming Operation requirements. Each member is highly skilled in their discipline and has worked extensively with packers and processors to provide maximum efficiency and performance from our systems in customer’s facilities both in the UK and overseas.



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