We are pleased to announce that the design rights, Intellectual property and most importantly the future manufacture of R J Herbert Engineering Ltd equipment, have been taken over by Herbert B.V. Mr. Mark Verschuren.

Stabilisation of the business and preservation of this valued product range is therefore now guaranteed. Machines will be constructed to the same high standard by one of our partners in the Netherlands.

Shortly we will give you more details and further information. In the meantime, if you should have any questions, please contact Mark Verschuren at the address below, or send an email to: sales@herbert-europe.nl

Herbert Engineering B.V. Attn. Mr. Mark Verschuren
Luchthavenweg 99
The Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)40 20 10 434

We are pleased to announce the we will continue your need for spares & parts. If we can be of any assistance, please contact us.

Product Range

Our products are renowned for quality of design and manufacture. Herbert products offer customers longer life, increased reliability, lower maintenance and running costs with higher resale values. We have all the experience necessary to deliver the best products and solutions for your business. Please feel free to browse our different ranges of vegetable processing and potato equipment below.


Mobile Grading & Grading Lines

Herbert is the renowned market leader in grading systems and has standard machines or customised solutions to meet each customer’s specific requirements. Large capacity intake hoppers, multiple fixed and interchangeable cleaning options as well as single and double inspection tables provide a range of solutions to suit most grower applications.

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Herbert have developed a range of field based harvesting, cleaning, grading and loading systems for various produce including courgettes, herbs, lettuce, leeks, bulbs, carrots, onions, parsnips and pumpkins. Standard range of products now available including comfortable mobile in-field packing stations aimed at reducing waste, transport costs and increasing freshness to the consumer and efficiencies for the producer.

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Conveying & Elevating

The quality and scope of Herbert conveyors and elevators is second to none. Our systems accommodate a wide range of challenging conditions, produce and materials. With decades of experience in design and manufacture of conveyors and elevators, customers can rest assured that these vital elements of any handling system will provide long and trouble-free service as well as maintain excellent resale values.

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Tipping & Filling

Herbert offers a wide range of tipping and filling equipment, which is constantly being improved for the benefit of our customers and the product. Within the range we have tippers capable of throughputs in excess of 35tph. By using the latest technology in electrical control we are able to rotate and empty boxes gently, meeting the most up to date safety requirements.

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Pre-soak, De-stoning, Washing & Drying

Herbert offers an extensive range of washing, drying and de-stoning systems, designed to prepare produce according to customer needs. By using energy efficient designs we are able to produce equipment, which provides high output along with gentle handling.

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Herbert’s Electronic Sorting System

Herbert is the largest supplier of electronic defect detection systems in the UK, with substantial exports throughout Europe and further afield. Herbert's electronic sorting system, the Auto-sort, uses vision-based cameras to sort produce for size and defect and is capable of grading up to 3 different grades of potato and carrot.

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Packing & Tray Handling

Herbert Engineering offers a range of products to assist with the packing and processing of fresh produce, from palletisers to tray and box handling systems. Herbert focuses strongly on the development and production of automation solutions, which although sometimes complex are highly cost effective and provide an efficient solution for the packing industry.

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We also provide a range of quality used equipment