We are pleased to announce that the design rights, Intellectual property and most importantly the future manufacture of R J Herbert Engineering Ltd equipment, have been taken over by Herbert B.V. Mr. Mark Verschuren.

Stabilisation of the business and preservation of this valued product range is therefore now guaranteed. Machines will be constructed to the same high standard by one of our partners in the Netherlands.

Shortly we will give you more details and further information. In the meantime, if you should have any questions, please contact Mark Verschuren at the address below, or send an email to: sales@herbert-europe.nl

Herbert Engineering B.V. Attn. Mr. Mark Verschuren
Luchthavenweg 99
The Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)40 20 10 434

We are pleased to announce the we will continue your need for spares & parts. If we can be of any assistance, please contact us.

Waste & Recycling

Recycling equipment is now our business

With our undisputed expertise in bulk, waste, food and logistic handling, Herbert made the technology transfer into the recycling equipment industry. Already with a number of successful installations in the UK, Herbert has been designing specialist conveying, sorting and handling systems as well as adapting their existing product range to suit the recycling and waste market. Herbert understand more than ever that customers need durable systems to handle their recycled product, whilst achieving higher output than ever before and have therefore designed a range of products that do just that.

We also feature used recycling equipment for when you want Herbert quality but need a better deal on the price. Our engineering pedigree means that even our second hand equipment will last for years to come.


We are a full solution provider working closely with customers through the design stage, providing customised build and high quality machinery to suit the environment, installing within the customers operation shifts and giving life long support through a range of services, breakdown assistance, parts supply and maintenance plans. Full training, operations and parts manuals are also supplied.

Why Choose Herbert for your Recycling Plant?

  • Lower lifetime cost with Herbert equipment
  • Robust build quality guaranteed for durable reliable systems
  • Complete design & manufacture solutions
  • Site installation and maintenance services

A durable Product Range


Organic Waste & Composting

Herbert has developed expertise in the delivery and distribution of products associated with composting and organic waste, by working alongside a major organisation in the waste management industry. Herbert is now pleased to offer a wide range of conveying systems designed for this product.


Plastic Recycling

Herbert has an existing range of products which are well suited to use within the plastic recycling industry. Our range of containers, tippers, fillers, conveyors, elevators and sorting tables are available in a variety of sizes and can be specified to suit most applications.


Separation Systems

Herbert is able to supply a range of separation systems, which reduce labour by automatically sorting different materials from each other, such as glass from paper, or stone from wood.

Download Separation Systems Leaflet


Metal Detection

Herbert provides a range of metal detection systems, which are capable of detecting foreign metallic objects in product flow. Our systems can be integrated into an existing production line, and are available in a variety of models to suit requirements in capacity and layout.

Dedicated Team of Specialists

We have a dedicated team of experts to handle your Recycling requirements. Each member is experienced and worked in a range of heavy duty, hard wearing, environments that give them the knowledge required to serve the abrasive and fast changing recycling industry.

  • Recycling Sales Manager, Richard Newman
  • General Sales Manager, Andy Hubble
  • Installation Manager, Nigel Potter
  • Recycling Service Manager, Dick Webb
  • Spare Parts Manager, Nigel Goodrum
  • Senior Design Engineer, Harry Wiseman

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