We are pleased to announce that the design rights, Intellectual property and most importantly the future manufacture of R J Herbert Engineering Ltd equipment, have been taken over by Herbert B.V. Mr. Mark Verschuren.

Stabilisation of the business and preservation of this valued product range is therefore now guaranteed. Machines will be constructed to the same high standard by one of our partners in the Netherlands.

Shortly we will give you more details and further information. In the meantime, if you should have any questions, please contact Mark Verschuren at the address below, or send an email to: sales@herbert-europe.nl

Herbert Engineering B.V. Attn. Mr. Mark Verschuren
Luchthavenweg 99
The Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)40 20 10 434

We are pleased to announce the we will continue your need for spares & parts. If we can be of any assistance, please contact us.

Welcome to our new tailor made finance solutions designed to allow you to invest in quality Herbert machinery. Our equipment is built to last, with excellent reliability and high residual values, giving you a safe investment for your business for the future.

We offer a suite of bespoke finance solutions that include both hire purchase and lease. All of our options take into account the many needs of our customers today including cash flow, tax benefits & capital expenditure.

Asset Finance Partners independently underwrite our finance solution. AFP are specialists in agricultural finance with a sound understanding of the UK fresh vegetable market.

We also offer service & parts packages along with extended warranties to give you total peace of mind.

Together Herbert and AFP can provide a cost effective solution to suit your business needs.

Ask for a quote today.

Provides an affordable opportunity to give your business the very best equipment to handle your produce. Quality Herbert equipment will save you time and money. These efficiency savings will fund repayments for the machine within your business cash flow.

Optional service and maintenance finance packages guarantee equipment is optimized to give maximum performance. Herbert serviced and maintained equipment results in higher residual values for your equipment when you come to sell or upgrade.

Eases the cash flow of your business by spreading VAT, deposits and repayments / rentals over a convenient period. Flexible on & off balance sheet options allow us to suit the needs of your business and capex budget.

Your hire purchase agreement allows you to spread the cost of owning a Herbert asset over a fixed period in line with your business cash flows keeping your working capital intact.

This option allows you to claim capital allowances and offset interest payments against your taxable profits, as well as reclaiming VAT on the purchase price.

Your finance lease allows you to operate Herbert equipment by paying rentals over the term of the agreement.

This allows you to offset the rental cost against your taxable profits. Your cash flow is eased as VAT is payable on the rentals only, rather than upfront.

At the end of the finance lease you can choose to either sell the equipment and receive the full net proceeds, enter into a secondary rental period at significantly reduced rentals or return the machinery to us.

Your operating lease is an off balance sheet hire agreement which provides a cost effective solution, allowing you to use our high value assets for an affordable rental. An operating lease removes the residual risk from you and keeps rentals down.