We are pleased to announce that the design rights, Intellectual property and most importantly the future manufacture of R J Herbert Engineering Ltd equipment, have been taken over by Herbert B.V. Mr. Mark Verschuren.

Stabilisation of the business and preservation of this valued product range is therefore now guaranteed. Machines will be constructed to the same high standard by one of our partners in the Netherlands.

Shortly we will give you more details and further information. In the meantime, if you should have any questions, please contact Mark Verschuren at the address below, or send an email to: sales@herbert-europe.nl

Herbert Engineering B.V. Attn. Mr. Mark Verschuren
Luchthavenweg 99
The Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)40 20 10 434

We are pleased to announce the we will continue your need for spares & parts. If we can be of any assistance, please contact us.


Tried and Tested Design Criteria

Our experienced team work to these straightforward CUSTOMER requirements: Increasing output, improving quality, lowering costs and ensuring maintenance and operator friendly features.

Improve, Improve, Improve

We invest heavily in Research and Development to keep products up to date and offer customers new industry innovations.

Challenge our team!

Working together our development consultancy can provide solutions to age-old problems and innovative ideas to changing market requirements. Typical projects include infield vegetable processing equipment, tray filling and stacking systems and package orientation devices.

  • Equipment designed to increase output, improve quality and lower costs
  • Regular improvements to model range
  • Complete new concepts designed to customer requirements